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Guided Tour – Düsseldorf’s Old Town

The Old Town is the city’s biggest attraction, and this tour shows you the many sides of this treasure. The Old Town is famous for its "Longest bar in the world" – that’s 260 bars and restaurants in under a square mile – but it also has many hidden gems and stories. Why does the gothic St. Lambertus church have a crooked roof, how did the statue of Jan Wellem on horseback get here, and why did the tailor Wibbel become famous? This tour is full of amazing surprises. Moreover, the beautiful Rhine Promenade with its water view and restaurants is part of the tour.

   Duration: approx. 1,5 hours

8,40 €

Guided Tour – Media Harbour

The Media Harbour is one of Düsseldorf’s biggest attractions and one of Germany’s most interesting city planning projects. The area used to be a bleak part of the city with little to see besides storage facilities and industrial buildings. About 20 years ago, the transformation began, and today the Media Harbour is a lively and gorgeous neighborhood with an eye-popping collection of superstar architecture and modern restaurants and clubs offering some of the city’s best food and entertainment options. About 500 media companies are located here – hence the name - and the tour introduces you to the people and stories behind the stunning façades. Included are the spectacular Frank Gehry buildings, the Rhine Tower, and the Parliament Building.

 Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

9,40 €

Night Watchman Tour

Düsseldorf still has many old gas lanterns, and when the night comes and the lanterns are lit, the city becomes a different place. This tour lets you enter the strange world with someone who knows the city night better than anyone – the Night Watchman with his ancient gear and hand-held lantern. He reveals to you the secrets of the city, the local customs and life at night time, and the bizarre attractions of the place. 


 Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

11,90 €

Neanderthal Museum – Guided Tour

The Neanderthal Museum is one of Europe’s most popular and modern museums, and both the museum’s architecture and its exhibits have received numerous national and international awards. The museum sits exactly where 150 years ago the most famous German was discovered: the Neanderthal. The tour of the museum takes you on a breathtaking trip through the history of mankind – from life on the African savannah more than four million years ago to the present.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

9,40 €

Guided Tour of Goethe-Museum

Düsseldorf’s Goethe Museum is located inside Castle Jaegerhof, a building completed in 1772 at the eastern side of the park "Hofgarten" – a location that the famous German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe visited several times between 1784 and 1792 to see his friends, the Jacobi family who lived right next to the castle. The Goethe Museum opened in 1956 and features 1000 original artifacts of the writer’s work and life, including scripts, letters, first editions, portraits, sculptures, and many other pieces from his time. The guided tour takes you deeper into the life and mind of the brilliant artist.

Duration: approx. 1 - 1.5 hour

3,40 €

Bowling (includes shoes & beverage)

Play like the German Bowling World champions at this top-notch bowling facility featuring 16 bowling lanes. The great interior and casual atmosphere make this the perfect bowling party destination for teams, groups, and families.

Duration: approx. 2 hours

10,90 €

Raft Building – Team Project

Building a raft together, then riding it together – this simple objective gets great results for your group on many levels as it presents challenges and solutions at each phase of the project: The planning requires organization, intelligence, and practical thinking, and everyone has to agree on the plan. Then the building begins, with provided materials like logs, rope, floating containers and tools – and everyone works together and applies their skills and resources to get it done. Next of course is riding the raft – in the framework of an adventure game - and this is a reward as much as another group experience and challenge – navigation, balance, and once again team work are required. A very educational and enriching activity for any group, and an opportunity to understand and develop every aspect of human nature. Raft building can be combined with other activities like archery, climbing, or canoe tours.

                                                                                                                                                                Duration: approx. 3 - 4 hours

26,90 €

Rhine Rafting in Düsseldorf

This whitewater rafting tour takes you from the town of Erft to Düsseldorf and combines some of the most fascinating sights the area has to offer while you and your students paddle the waters of the Rhine River. Your group will be on the Rhine River in whitewater rafts along with freight ships and big bridges. Eventually you’ll see the Düsseldorf Skyline, and the wonderful sights continue until you reach your destination.

Duration: approx. 3.5 hours

20,90 €

Movie Park Bottrop

One of the region’s most popular destinations, Movie Park Bottrop is the rare place that offers something for every taste. It features an amusement park with great rides, Hollywood and film production flair for movie fans, amazing shows and of course an extensive programme for kids of all ages. The park’s location in western North-Rhine Westphalia makes it a great destination for a day trip, but is also worth a longer trip for a whole weekend.


17,90 €

Panorama Boat Cruise with KD

A spectacular one-hour boat tour in a panorama boat of the well-known KD fleet (Köln – Düsseldorf ). The tour takes you between the historic Old Town and the new Media Harbour and its marina, a fascinating trip of contrasts and variety. It’s amazing how much of Düsseldorf you can explore from the water, and the friendly guides will explain everything along the way.


Duration: approx. 1 hour

6,90 €

Rhine Tower – Viewing Platform

The Rhine Tower is a telecommunications tower and the tallest building in Düsseldorf (240 meters), opened in 1981. The tower has a viewing platform and revolving restaurant at about 170 metres. This tour takes you there to enjoy the best view of the city on both sides of the river. Another highlight: On the side of the tower is the largest digital clock in the world. The clock appears as a row of lights, and reading the time is tricky, but we’ll show you how.

Duration: approx. 2 hours

6,90 €