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Package: "Japan in Düsseldorf"

Another fascinating Düsseldorf fact: About 7,000 Japanese live here, one of Europe’s largest Japanese communities. Japanese influence can be found in Düsseldorf ’‘s cultural and business life, and the tour through the Japanese neighbourhood lets you experience this influence in every day life. This programme shows you how a city is shaped by the presence of a foreign culture and illustrates the 50-year history of Japanese in Düsseldorf.


Day 1:

Afternoon: Kite building. With the guidance of an expert, the group will create "Shibori Dragons" – colourful kites made from paper and rattan. Then they will fly the kits on the vast Rhine meadows right behind the hostel.


Day 2:

Morning: A guided tour of the Ekō House of Japanese Culture, followed by a Sushi-making course at the hostel where you’ll make your own lunch from traditional Japanese Sushi ingredients. The afternoon is free to explore the city on your own. At night, a dance night at the hostel’s in-house discotheque.


Day 3:

Breakfast and Departure

subject to availability and change.

Optional: additional nights and activities


Off Peak

01.01. - 17.02.2019








  • 2 overnight stays and bedding, breakfast and lunch or dinner
  • Programme as listed above
  • Teachers and chaperones receive 2 rooms per group booking of 20 people
  • Each group booking receives 2 spots (accommodations, programme, meals)


Not included: arrival and departure transfers


104,00 €

Package: Düsseldorf Deluxe

Take your students on a discovery tour of Düsseldorf’s art, culture, and architecture.


  • Night watchman walking tour
  • City Rally – Scavenger Hunt
  • Rhine Tower - Viewing Platform


3-day programme

On the evening of your arrival day, your group get a fascinating introduction to the beautiful Old Town and its secrets with a nighttime walking tour guided by a real-life night watchman.

The next day brings a scavenger hunt to uncover city’s secrets, and next is a trip to the to Düsseldorf’s tallest building, the 180-metre Rhine Tower for the best views of the city.


4-day programme

The 3-day programme, plus one more day: A trip to one of Germany’s biggest tea production company, the local Teekanne. A guided tour goes behind the scenes at this wildly popular 130-year old German brand, followed by a workshop at the hostel that turns your group into total tea experts and even demonstrates how to make non-alcoholic cocktails using tea! In the afternoon, it’s off to the bowling alley for an exciting bowling match.


5-day programme

 The 4-day programme plus one more great day. You'll visit the Theatermuseum and the evening you're participating a performance at the Schauspielhaus. The afternoon is free to explore on your own.



*Price per person – minimum: 20 students


Off-Peak 2019

01.01. - 17.02.2019


Peak 2019

18.02. - 31.12.2019 



  • Overnight stays and bedding, breakfast and lunch or dinner
  • Programme as listed above
  • Teachers and chaperones receive 2 rooms per group booking of 20 people
  • Arrival: on day 1 at lunch time

Departure: on last programme day after breakfast

87,00 €