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Guided City Tour Duisburg

Get to know Duisburg in a whole new light. The tour begins at city hall and its sculpture of Gerhard Mercator and takes you through the history of the city to its modern incarnation. A wonderful tour that includes the picturesque Koenigstrasse and its six sculpture fountains, Heinrich-Heine Square and its classical museum, the dignified court house, and the shopping malls CityPalais and Forum.

Duration: approx. 2 hours          

7,90 €

Steel Mill Tour

This guided tour takes you deep into the Meiderich Steel Mill and the technical aspects and working conditions of steel production. You get to see all the stations the steel goes through once it leaves the furnace. The sheer volume of all the scaffolding, pipes, boilers, stairs, and platforms is dazzling, and the mill’s significance for the coal and steel industry is a marvel. These days, the mill is the backdrop for one of the region's most visited attractions, Landschaftspark Duisburg - a former industrial park that is now an adventure and nature park. This contrast makes the steel mill a symbol of the entire region's transformation from industrial to cultural center. The tour takes about 2 exciting hours - filled with gems from steel manufacturing history, furnace technology, and the busy cultural center.


For: Teenagers and adults. Not suitable for children.                      

Duration: approx. 1.75 hours

9,90 €

Student Tour of Industrial Adventure Park “Landschaftspark"

The park is a symbol of the region’s transformation from industrial to cultural center, and that’s also a focus of the tour. Topics (tailored to the age group of the students) include furnace operation, the many faces of steel production, and an exploration of working and living conditions of steelworkers and their families.


                                                                                                                                                               Duration: Approx. 1.5 hours

For: Ages 12-18

Note: Please wear comfortable and weatherproof clothing and shoes.

7,40 €

Inner Harbour Tour

A tour of Duisburg’s booming neighborhood, the Inner Harbour. It’s a site of fascinating history and transformations. The museums, restaurants and offices that are here today are in places where grain used to be stored and processed. Today’s docking spots for luxurious yachts and the Mediterranean atmosphere they create used to be loading stations for freight ships. Discover the area’s secrets and enjoy one of the many cafes, the beautiful views on the water, and the great people watching at Inner Harbour.

   Duration: approx. 1.75 hours

7,90 €

Zollverein Coal Mine, Essen - Guided tour

This former coal mine is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most fascinating museums in the world. Learn about the many aspect of this unique site, its’ architecture, coal mining, and the transformation of a dark industrial place to one of the brightest modern cultural destinations in Germany

   Duration: approx. 2 hours

8,90 €

Package: Duisburg and Water (Inner Harbour Cruise & Museum Tour)

First, a discovery of Europe’s largest inner harbour: The Duisburg Harbour Cruise by Duisburg’s ‘White Fleet’ (Weisse Flotte). At this Rhine-Ruhr River harbour, about 40 million tonnes of goods are handled each year on an area of 740 hectares in 19 basins. The harbour cruise lets you experience a different world from a unique perspective.


Next is a guided tour of the Museum of German Inland Water Transportation. This is the museum that opens up even more of this fascinating world of the inner harbor you saw before. You’ll find technological marvels you can touch, models of ships and real pieces of ships and equipment. Discover the history of water transportation from the Stone Ages to today. One of the exhibit halls even used to be a public indoor pool many years ago, and one of its walls is used for the large-scale projection of a film about a trip on the Rhine River


   Duration: approx. 3 hours

18,90 €

Movie Park Bottrop

One of the region’s most popular destinations, Movie Park Bottrop is the rare place that offers something for every taste. It features an amusement park with great rides, Hollywood and film production flair for movie fans, amazing shows, and of course an extensive program for kids of all ages. The park’s location in western North-Rhine Westphalia makes it a great destination for a day trip, but is also worth a longer trip for a whole weekend.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Duration: flexible 


17,90 €

A New Kind of Zoo Experience - ZOOM-Erlebniswelt, Gelsenkirchen

It’s the only zoo of its kind in Europe. On more than 30 hectares, different parts of the world are recreated as animal habitats – Alaska, Africa, and Asia – so that a visit to Zoom becomes a trip around the world in one day. The various habitats are built to high standards, so that each is an authentic natural representation and a place very much like the homes of the 900 animals and 100 species that live here – river banks, lake areas, expansive wet and grass lands, jungles, and rock formations. Almost invisible borders between habitats and people offer unique ways to encounter the animals from all over the world. Additional attractions include the Alaska Ice Adventure, motion ride simulations through Alaska’s vegetation zones, and a boat tour on the African Queen on the Africa Lake. A great destination for all ages.



   Duration: flexible

10,40 €

Bowling & Laser Game

Join for a round of great classic bowling. The visit includes bowling shoes. The laser game "Mission Possible" is also available here.

                                                                                                                                                                     Duration: approx. 1 hour

6,90 €

Moonlight Minigolf

This is not your ordinary mini golf course. Here you’ll play in an adventure-like setting with extraordinary decorations in four different theme worlds. Moreover, you play in the dark and the course is illuminated in black light – a whole new experience with an 18-hole indoor court and 9-hole outdoor court. A great addition to a student and youth program.

8,40 €

Water Ski, Duisburg

A great activity for all levels - even beginners get to ski across the water on the first visit after professional training. Included in the price are rental skis, life jacket, and wetsuit.

   Duration: approx. 2 hours

18,40 €

Guided Tour MSV-Arena, Duisburg

Hardly any other building reflects the remarkable changes of the region – from dark industrial center to high-quality living spaces – as well as the new "Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena" (named after its sponsor). The venue is a multi-function arena, and the tour is an exploration of the remarkable designs in both outer and inner structures. The arena is the home of the football club MSV Duisburg. The club’s players are called "zebras" by their fans, and on this tour you will sea first-hand what it takes for them to play and win in this arena and feel the fascination and emotion of the game. Moreover, you get access to places that are closed to regular visitors such as the player’s cabin, the VIP area, and of course right on the playing field!


   Duration: approx. 1 hour

9,90 €